Specialty Clinics...Medical Specialists

Specialty Clinics at Inter-Lakes Health
When you need to see a medical specialist, check with Inter-Lakes Health. You will find a wide range of specialists to meet your healthcare needs. It is part of our effort to serve our community by offering quality healthcare, closer to home. Unless otherwise indicated, call 518-585-3727 to make an appointment with the following specialists.

General Surgery -
Dr. Bradbury Fuller

Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick
Dr. Amy Gregory
Dr. Duncan Winters

Additional Specialists

Dermatology - Dr. Jamie Alpert

EMG Testing - Dr. Michael Lenihan

Orthopedic/Sports Medicine- Dr. Douglas Kirkpatrick

Orthopedics - Lisa Riley, R.P.A.-C.

Orthopedics - Patrick McDermott, R.P.A.-C.

Plastic Surgeon - Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick

OB/GYN - Dr. Noelle Nielsen

Cardiology - Dr. Friederike Keating

Ophthalmology- Dr. Duncan Winters

Hematology/Oncology - Dr. Todd Whitman

Hearing Clinic - Dave Beaulac

AHI Enrollment Services - Sherry Sawyer

Neurosurgery & Spine - Dr. Fred Scialabba

Neurosurgery & Spine - Dr. James Greenspan

Echocardiograms and Holter monitors also available.