Surgical Services

Surgical Services at Inter-Lakes Health

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We provide our patients with professional, quality, surgical care with hometown sincerity. We offer a broad range of same-day surgeries, including:

Cataract removal and other eye procedures
Colonoscopy ,upper endoscopy
Hernia repair
Carpal tunnel
Breast biopsy
Excision skin lesions

Surgical Staff

Duncan Winter M.D. - Opthamologist:cataract extraction, chalazion, ptosis, ectropian, entropian, and blephorplasty

Bradbury Fuller M.D.- general surgery:hernia repair,carpal tunnel, tendon repair, vasectomy gastroenterology, colonoscopy, gastroscopy

Dr. Harold Kirkpatrick

Dr. Amy Gregory


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule surgery, please call 518-585-3750.

Same-Day Surgery