Telemedicine at Inter-Lakes Health
North Country residents no longer have to drive the hour or more to see one of the medical specialists from Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont. Inter-Lakes Health's tele-health program connects the specialists and medical information to patients through computer screens in Moses Ludington Hospital. This initiative is helping revolutionize medical care here in the North Country as it is doing in medical settings around the world.

Telemedicine is the leading edge of healthcare today. It uses computer networks to transfer medical information, such as x-rays or lab results, for faster, more accurate diagnosis. The network can also provide real-time, face-to-face communication via a computer monitor and our secure network connection. Healthcare providers and patients can see and talk with each other without having to be in the same room - or the same city.

Inter-Lakes has set up several tele-medicine connections. The cornerstones are tele-trauma and tele-radiology. With tele-trauma, MLH doctors consult with Fletcher Allen trauma specialists when treating complex ER cases. Tele-radiology allows our technicians to digitally transmit x-rays through a private line to radiologists in the Albany area. This provides around-the-clock readings of x-rays, which means that patients get a faster diagnosis in urgent situations.

With plans to increase tele-medicine services, Inter-Lakes Health continues to provide expanded, expert medical care right here in our community. This means better patient care for you and your family.

For information about telemedicine, check out Fletcher Allen Healthcare's telemedicine web page and